About Me

I’ve always been fascinated with how things are made. I learned basic maker skills and techniques from my dad at a young age. As I got older, I focused more on automotive projects, like keeping my Honda race-quad in good condition and fixing up my old Toyota 4×4. It wasn’t until my wife and I bought our first house that I truly became interested in home remodeling and renovation. I acquired a few tools to tackle small jobs around the house, and soon, I was hooked. I spent every spare second I had remodeling our house and building new things to make it feel like a home. Every time I walked into a home decorating store, I would see countless items and think “I could build that for half the price!”

Since that time, our first home has been fully remodeled and sold. I have steadily acquired more tools and more skills along the way. Recently we moved to Northern California and have started renovations on our next home. Now is the perfect opportunity to document my journey, as I continue to improve our home and expand my skills. Along with making, photography is a hobby of mine. I have all the equipment I need to start filming my projects and share them with you.

I don’t consider myself an expert or teacher of any particular skills, I am just sharing my experiences with you. I truly believe that if you go and make something on your own, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

I hope this channel inspires you, and helps you to see what you are capable of accomplishing.  Now, go. Build something. Make it now!




Wife: Krista (my best friend and biggest fan)

Dog #1: Penny (a great dane that thinks she’s a lap dog)

Dog #2: Shiloh (another great dane that just bothers the other one)

Cat #1: Leonard (loves to hide under the bed)

Cat #2: Lucy (loves to snuggle up with Leonard, while hiding under the bed)



Sport to Play: Basketball

Sports Team: San Fransisco Giants

Book: The Martian

Board Game: Ticket to Ride