Since we just moved into this new house, it was time to get a few things organized. I feel like a very important part of organizing my life is organizing my office. The office is where I keep all my important paperwork and documents, store my electronics, and do work on my computer.

Today I’m upgrading my office closet by building some shelves. The project was really easy, but more challenging than I thought without having my shop set up yet. Scavenging for tools is one of my least favorite games!

This first picture shows just a glimpse of how unorganized everything was.

Office Closet11

I started the project by removing the rod hangers and cleaning up the area. I measured out the opening to see how big I needed to cut my new shelves.
Office Closet

Before making any cuts on the table saw, I made sure that the blade was at a perfect 90 degrees. Using a digital angle gauge like this one makes it really easy.Office Closet1

Now that I knew the saw was at a perfect 90 I could begin cutting my shelves to length. I just bought standard pine 1×12’s from the Home Depot.Office Closet2

Once the shelves were all cut I could measure out the cleats to support them.

Office Closet3

I drilled and counter-sunk the holes into the cleats to hang them on the wall. I counter-sunk the holes to be able to hide the screws so they wouldn’t be visible.

Office Closet4

Attaching the cleats was as easy as measuring down where I wanted to shelves to sit and screw them into the wall.

Office Closet5

I set the shelves in place and then secured them down to the cleats using a few screws straight down from the top.

Office Closet6

Once everything was installed it was time to hide all the screw holes on both the cleats and shelves using some joint compound. It is easy to work with, dries quickly, and paints nicely.

Office Closet7

As soon as the joint compound was completely dry I sanded all the spots down using a piece of sandpaper with a sanding block. A sanding block helps to keep your sanding flat.

Office Closet8

Now its time for paint. I was sick and tired of making a mess every time I needed access to paint from a 5-gallon bucket so I went in search of a solution. I found a really cheap tool that makes my life MUCH easier. You pop it on the top of any 5-gallon paint bucket and pour it out like a carton of milk.

Office Closet9

Another huge time saver is this roller cover saver. Between coats just pop it in and snap it shut. I’m not sure exactly how long they last in there, but I’ve let a roller sit in there for about a week and it was still good.

Office Closet10

Once the paint dried I organized all my stuff and this is how it turned out.

IMG_5994 copy

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