Today I’m building a brick fire pit. This is a small project that can be built in just a few hours if you have the right materials.


This is our current fire pit. It looks bad, is in rough shape, and full of holes.

Brick Fire Pit

There is a great spot in our back yard that is perfect for a fire pit.

Brick Fire Pit1

The previous homeowner had a fountain based on the old pump we found.

Brick Fire Pit2

We began by cleaning up the area. Pulling up the pavers showed what was underneath.

Brick Fire Pit3

I grabbed the weed-whacker and fired it up. I cleared out the area of the grass and weeds.

Brick Fire Pit4

After raking, I laid down a section of a weed blocking fabric to minimize anything growing up through the pit.

Brick Fire Pit5

We swept off the pavers and then laid them back in place.

Brick Fire Pit6

These were the bricks we’d be using to build the fire pit.

Brick Fire Pit7

It only took a few trips to bring enough over to the project.

Brick Fire Pit8

At this point we still didn’t know how we wanted the fire pit to look. We experimented putting bricks down in different configurations.

Brick Fire Pit9

Interlocking the bricks strengthens the structure.

Brick Fire Pit10

We built up several layers, and eventually, liked the way it looked.

Brick Fire Pit11

This was just a mock up since the standalone bricks don’t have a lot of strength.

Brick Fire Pit12

I pulled everything back down to the bare dirt and completely leveled the ground.

Brick Fire Pit13

I put the weed-block and pavers back on and made sure they were level.

Brick Fire Pit14

Once the site foreman was satisfied, I could continue.

Brick Fire Pit15

I bought the cheapest bag of mortar from the Home Depot and poured about half of it into a mixing tub.

Brick Fire Pit16

I added water little by little. I mixed up the mortar until it was a peanut-butter consistency.

Brick Fire Pit17

With the mortar ready, I laid out the bricks and then buttered them one by one. I smashed each one in place and wiggled them so there was a little mortar squeeze-out.

Brick Fire Pit18

Before moving up I made sure the first layer was completely level. You can use your hand or a mallet to pound the bricks so they are all flush.

Brick Fire Pit19

As I went, I cleaned up the excess squeeze out.

Brick Fire Pit20

I continued stacking until it was at its final height. In our case it was five layers.

Brick Fire Pit21

Once all the bricks were in place I did a little fine-tuning to make sure the walls were flat. I also cleaned up the rest of the squeeze-out and swept up my mess.

Brick Fire Pit22

I added a bunch of red rocks in the bottom for a more finished look. I threw in a couple logs and capped it with the wire cover from the old pit.

Brick Fire Pit23

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