We never really had a good storage place for all of our sports and camping equipment. The only place we had room was in the garage, but I didn’t want it taking up space down where I work. I elevated the storage rack and love the results.

I started by laying out a straight line with my laser level.

Garage Storage

Referencing from that line, I could locate all the studs in its path.

Garage Storage1

I grabbed the longest 2×4’s I could find and screwed them through the wall and into the studs.

Garage Storage2

Above the ceiling are all the joists. I marked out where they were and screwed in some 2×4’s. It’s a little tricky doing this by yourself, so I held up the boards by wedging addition 2×4’s from the ground. This holds the boards up long enough for me to screw them in.

Garage Storage3

I realized that the rack wouldn’t be quite tall enough to fit my bins so I had to move it down. Moving it down meant I had to cut out a notch where the boards would run into the door trim.

Garage Storage4

I removed the 2×4 from the wall so that I could make the necessary changes. I ran a line just above where the door trim would be.

Garage Storage5

Using a jig-saw, I cut the small side. For the long side, I used a circular saw.

Garage Storage6

I put the board back in place and it fit great. Now I could use the same holes and screw it back into the wall.

Garage Storage7

To connect the boards, I used two 2×4’s in the shape of an L.

Garage Storage8

Once I had the correct dimensions, I cut out the rest of the boards on the miter saw.

Garage Storage9

Now I could use the same technique I did on the first set and make 4 more. I used simple butt-joints and then drilled and pre-set the screws in place. It would make attaching them much easier up above.

Garage Storage10

Since I had already drilled and pre-set the screws, I could just set the boards in place and screw them in.

Garage Storage11

I divided up the remaining space evenly and then attached the remainder of the boards.

Garage Storage12

I used additional 2×4’s and connected the bottoms of each hanging set. This adds lateral strength and also gives me a place to attach the slats.

Garage Storage13

I cut out all the shelf slats using the miter-saw and a stop block.

Garage Storage14

I took the slats over to the drill press. I drilled and countersunk two holes on each end of the slats.

Garage Storage15

After evenly screwing the slats down, this is what the finished shelf looked like.

Garage Storage16

I loaded it up with all our sports and camping gear.

Garage Storage17

The storage also serves as a great place to mount lighting for the workbench below.

Garage Storage18

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