I have quite a few power tools that don’t have a home. After each project I like to clean up the shop and organize, but these tools have nowhere to go. I’m going to make a really simply way to mount the tools on the wall. It doesn’t look super fancy, but it is incredibly functional. I want to be able to glance at the wall and be able to grab exactly what I need.


Here were the tools that I decided to put up on the wall. As you can see, there was no kind of order.

Tool Organization

Using a laser level, a ruler, and a pencil, I marked out where all the holes for the magnet strip needed to be.

Tool Organization2

None of my holes lined up with the studs behind the drywall so I had to hang some drywall anchors. I drilled and pounded in the anchors.

Tool Organization3

My first idea for hanging the tools was to custom make a piece of wood for each tool to fasten them to the wall. This was the piece for my jig-saw. Although a fun idea, I really didn’t like how it turned out.

Tool Organization4

I remembered I had a bunch of slat-wall hooks from my old garage. I had plenty of hooks but wasn’t sure how to attach them to a bare wall.

Tool Organization5

The problem is the hooks don’t lay flat against the wall.

Tool Organization6

I took a hook over to my vise, locked it in place, and put a little bend on the bottom.

Tool Organization7

This pushed the bottom away from the wall and tilted the hook slightly upward.

Tool Organization8

I was satisfied with the result and began placing all the tools up on the wall. Again, not the most brilliant method, but it keeps the layout clean and simple.

Tool Organization9

And here is the finished product. All the power tools hanging below, and the accessories stuck to the magnets above. It makes for a very quick tool change.

Tool Organization10

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