Today I’m going to be upgrading my wife’s closet. She’s been living out of stacks of cardboard boxes since we got here so it’s time to fix that.


My wife and I sat down and I modeled out what she was looking for in her new closet. As soon as she was satisfied, I made a more detailed model with all the exact dimensions.

Master Closet


Almost the entire project was made with 3/4 inch MDF.

Master Closet1

My brother-in-law was here for the weekend so he helped me get the build started. It’s nice to have two people in the shop to move around full sheets of material to the table saw. Even so, we made a lot of rough cuts and then brought the boards down to final dimension on the table saw.

Master Closet2

Once everything was cut, I could organize the boards with like pieces.

Master Closet3

I cut some dados into a few of the boards to help align and strengthen the entire piece.

Master Closet4

Now I could start assembling the whole cabinet and get a great look at what it would look like in the end.

Master Closet5

Transferring the lines to the outside of the cabinet made it easy to locate where I needed to countersink the holes and then drill in the screws.

Master Closet6

I attached what is actually the bottom while the cabinet was upside-down.

Master Closet7

I didn’t want the bottom drawer sitting on the floor, so I made a kick a few inches tall to bring the cabinet up.

Master Closet8

I attached some blocks in the corners and then secured the kick using screws from above.

Master Closet9

I rough cut a piece of hard board with a jig saw and then tacked it in place with the brad nailer.

Master Closet10

Once it was in place I chucked up a flush trim bit on the router.

Master Closet11

I ran the router over the edge and trimmed it right off.

Master Closet12

I placed 3 dividers on the front face to section off the drawers. I used an eighth inch spacer on the bottom and worked my way up, gluing and nailing as I went. The top drawer is for jewelry so it is shorter than the rest.

Master Closet13

I had to cut a groove in the drawer sides and back to accept the drawer bottoms. I made 2 passes with a standard saw blade.

Master Closet14

I grabbed all the drawer pieces and began assembly. I glued the front, back, and sides together, but left the hard board floating.

Master Closet15

I used full extension drawer slides that come apart by pushing down on the hidden tab.

Master Closet16

I marked out the locations, made sure the slides were level and then screwed them all into place.

Master Closet17

To attach the slides to the drawers I used another spacer lengthwise to make sure they were level.

Master Closet18

I attached the drawer fronts using some spring clamps to hold them in place while I screwed them in from the inside.

Master Closet19

I used some old pine one by that I had and cut it into thin strips. This magnetic feather board holds the board in place quite nicely.

Master Closet20

Marking the trim right on the cabinet is much easier than measuring.

Master Closet21

I glued and brad nailed all the pieces in place. Marking and then cutting each piece one by one will insure you have the right fit every time.

Master Closet22

The actual building process was complete. It was time to start prepping for finish. I sanded down rough spots and then filled all the screw holes with joint compound.

Master Closet23

I started painting with the drawers. I rolled everything with a tiny roller and then cleaned up all the edges with a normal brush.

Master Closet24

I used a full size roller for the cabinet in the places that it would fit. In a few spots I had to use the tiny roller and then again, cut in the edges with a paint brush.

Master Closet25

Once the drawers were dry, I re-attached the slides using the same screw holes as before.

Master Closet26

I did the same with the drawer slides on the inside of the cabinet.

Master Closet27

It was now time to prep the closet. I sanded down some places I had patched and applied some wall texture spray.

Master Closet28

After installing the drawer pulls, a couple shelves, and some hanging rods, the project was done.

Master Closet29

I think my favorite part is the jewelry drawer. My wife found some inexpensive tray inserts online and can now actually see all her jewelry at once.

Master Closet30

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