Today I’m going to be building a quick table saw sled. It can be super dangerous to try and cross-cut a long and narrow piece of wood. This sled makes it safe and it’s easy to use. See how I made it below.


I measured out a piece of ¾ inch plywood I had. It was actually a good sled size, so I didn’t even cut it down.

Quick Saw Sled

I grabbed a couple 2×4’s for the front and back fences.

Quick Saw Sled 1

I measured the 2×4 to the width of the plywood.

Quick Saw Sled 2

I took the 2×4 to the miter saw and cut it to length.

Quick Saw Sled3

To make sure the board sit flat against the plywood, I jointed the bottom edge.

Quick Saw Sled4

There was still a little bit of play so I made one more pass on the jointer.

Quick Saw Sled5

The face of the board was pretty rough so I ran that through the jointer really quick as well.

Quick Saw Sled6

I flipped it over and drilled and counter-sunk some holes. This would keep my alignment for glue-up.

Quick Saw Sled7

I flipped over the board and applied a good amount of glue and then smoothed it out.

Quick Saw Sled8

I flipped it back over, double checked it was square, and then re-attached the clamps.

Quick Saw Sled9

I could now secure the fence in place with screws.

Quick Saw Sled10

I ripped down a couple strips that were the width of the tracks in the table saw. It took several passes to make them the perfect fit.

Quick Saw Sled11

I also had to rip the runners again to cut the height down almost in half. The runners need to be shorter than the tracks.

Quick Saw Sled12

To glue them up properly, I raised the runners up by placing some penny’s down in the track.

Quick Saw Sled13

I put both tracks in place and laid down some glue on the top side.

Quick Saw Sled14

After smoothing out the glue I placed the sled in its place. I needed something to hold it down while it dried.

Quick Saw Sled15

I grabbed a few other heavy items to get the job done.

Quick Saw Sled16

Once the glue had dried I drilled and counter-sunk some holes and then drove some screws in to secure the runners.

Quick Saw Sled17

I attached another 2×4 on the far side just like the first one. This is what the final sled looks like.

Quick Saw Sled18

Now I can cut down long boards without the fear of kickback.

Quick Saw Sled19

You can easily line up your cut by placing your cut line right on the edge of the saw kerf in the sled.

Quick Saw Sled20

This works on the back fence as well as the base.

Quick Saw Sled21

Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to store it.

Quick Saw Sled22

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